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    Telling Great Stories!
    Showcasing a variety of presentations and panels
    illustrating and highlighting some of the ways
    in which organizations large and small have been adapting
    and succeeding in this new marketing environment.

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With the continual convergence and evolution of what were once independent silos of PR, Marketing and Advertising, along with the rise of social media and influencers, we'll be showcasing a variety of presentations and panels illustrating and highlighting some of the ways in which organizations large and small have been adapting and succeeding in this new marketing environment, crafting coordinated, multi-channel campaigns that reach a specific hyper-targeted audiences.

As storytelling becomes increasingly integrated across the marketing mix, how different areas of marketing work together will become the foundation of our various panels, presentations and discussions.

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Our Upcoming Event Schedule

LGBTQ New Media Summit:

Symposium on the Blending of LGBTQ PR, Advertising, Social Media & Influencers
June 27, 2019

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Summit Presentations - June 27, 2019 - 8:30 to 11:30 am

Matt Skallerud

Pink Banana Media
LGBT Online Marketing & Advertising Professional

LGBTQ Advanced Marketing - Tips & Techniques for 2019
We'll be touching on the key topics of micro-targeting the LGBTQ community online via banner ads and Facebook, as well as delving in the world of LGBTQ bloggers and influencers. We'll show you how you're able to target your specific LGBTQ audience using programmatic advertising technology, and we'll touch on the integration of an ad campaign such as this with social media and how it can incorporate blogs, photos and videos about LGBTQ life in, and travel to, your destination, utilizing the same targeting power as well. We'll also discuss the role of LGBTQ influencers, and how some of their social media activity can be leveraged to enhance and drive LGBTQ awareness and attendance to your event.


  1. Learn how to identify and engage with potential influencers in your region, focused on the LGBTQ community.
  2. Learn how to strategically target your LGBTQ demographic using banner ads and Facebook ad targeting
  3. Better understanding of how the wide variety of social media tools can be used in an online LGBTQ marketing campaign, including Twitter and Instagram.

The Revolution of Matchmaking: Dating and Marketing's Intersection

  1. Matchmaking has seen a resurgence with the internet age and takes its form in dating apps, websites, and actual matchmaking, especially within the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Businesses need to learn how to adapt to today's climate and see themselves as matchmakers- matching their service or product with the right customer. Being an LGBTQ+ business means a smaller market but still providing something just as important.
  3. Seeing the marketing process as a type of dating is crucial: What are your selling points/what you bring to the table to a potential partner? Are you interested in a committed relationship or just a couple dates? How do you attract a potential mate and what do they need to have to keep you interested?

LGBTQ PR, Advertising, Social Media & Influencers, from an INTERNATIONAL angle
Join us as we discuss these topics of storytelling, marketing, advertising & influencers from a point of view outside the US, with panelists representing the LGBTQ media landscape from Brazil, the UK and more.

Damian Pelliccione


Evolution of Video Advertising in 2019
Panel session on where we're at today when it comes to LGBTQ video programming, and how advertisers can be a part of it. We'll be touching on OTT (Over The Top) streaming media, as well as SVOD (subscription-based video), AVOD (advertising-based video) and TVOD (transactional video services).

Evolution of Pride Festival Outreach & Marketing
We will be examining how some of the more innovative Pride Festivals are using a blend of social media marketing techniques when promoting their event, to both their local audience, and to those willing to drive or fly in. Events such as LGBTQ film festivals, circuit parties and Pride Festivals are unique in that they market themselves in advance of their event, and then use social media to display event coverage and user-generated content DURING their event as well. We'll take a deeper dive in exploring what has worked best for them, including leveraging Instagram Stories, video on social media and more.

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